01 October


Pierre Gasly (STR12-04, Car 10)
Race: 14th
“This was a special race for me, as it was my first ever Formula 1 race – a day I will never forget! It was definitely a good experience, I’d say even better than what I expected. I tried to do my best and pushed as hard as possible! It was a really physical and tough race – my drink system didn’t work properly, the water was going all over my face and not in my mouth! – and it felt like a long race… But with such a big adrenaline boost that I got, I just kept focusing until the end. I was quite close to Magnussen during the whole race, but it was quite difficult to close the gap. I think I also need a bit more experience regarding tyre management – I struggled at the end of the race - and I also think I didn’t manage the blue flag situations perfectly – I lost a bit of time – but this will come with a bit more practice, I’m sure! I will now have a look back at the race and see all the things I can improve for the next race in Japan next week. All in all, I leave Malaysia satisfied, it was a positive race!”
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