08 May


8 May 2015
First Practice Session: Position: 7, Best Time: 1:28.785, Laps: 7
Second Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time: 1:27.943, Laps: 25
“We had a good run in FP2 and there is a lot of data for the team to analyse to find improvements. We have some upgrades here and we’ve been looking closely at how they work. We’ll try to extract the maximum out of the car so we can make the most out of qualifying tomorrow.”

First Practice Session: Position: 9, Best Time: 1:29.075, Laps: 9
Second Practice Session: Position: 13, Best Time: 1:29.098, Laps: 4
“We expected we would be limited with mileage today, and we also knew that we would have to use the fourth engine for FP2. It would’ve been nice to get some more laps in but we did enough to give us plenty of data to look at. Dany had a cleaner session and we’ll also look at his data and try to learn a few things for tomorrow. There’s a lot of potential with the upgrades and tomorrow's qualifying is what counts.”


Much as we love the opening ‘flyaway’ rounds of the season, we’ll also admit that the last eight weeks have been a pretty intense and gruelling trek, so imagine out delight to be back at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the first round of the short European season. How delighted? Here are our top five reasons to be blissful in Barcelona…
1. The Energy Station’s back – It’s our home away from home, we’ve got our own desks, our very own bar, proper tea and best of all we know where the secret drawer full of sweets is.
2. The Short Flights – Two months of long-haul flights brings on what is known in the trade as “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Syndrome” that dreaded moment when you’ve exhausted everything on the in-flight entertainment system with only the rom-com nobody has had the stomach to yet watch. Two-hour flights are a godsend.
3. The return of the Tree Houses – In Australia, the paddock’s too cosy, in Malaysia it’s too hot, so you’re always in hospitality, the same goes for Bahrain and China’s paddock is much too open. The return of the tree houses means there’s always somewhere to hide.
4. Trucks – There’s something that just feels proper and traditional about turning up at a race track in a truck brighter and shinier than the surface of the sun. This is how race cars should be transported. Plus, we can finally find that thing we accidentally packed into the wrong crate back in Monza last year.
5. New Energy Station crew members– It’s cruel but there’s always some fun to be had in sending the new lot out to for a long weight, a skirting ladder, a bucket of steam, non-stick glue, a glass hammer and some skyhooks.

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