22 May

Monaco Grand Prix - Monte Carlo, 21st May 2015

Kimi Raikkonen: The feeling with the car today was pretty ok, obviously there are some small issues but they are more related to the tyres: its difficult to make them warm up, especially the front tyres, but overall its not too bad. In order to get the tyres working, it would have been nice to see how the Supersofts work, anyway I think they are much easier. Due to the rain we couldnt learn as much I wanted, but it was the same for everybody. We did the most that we could in these conditions. For Saturday we have to see how the weather will be, we still have some work to do on the car and make sure the tyres work well, then well go from there and do the best in qualifying and in the race.

Sebastian Vettel: When it rains its the same for everyone, you dont tend to run. Today the car felt ok, we wanted to test a couple more things but time went out. We have to wait and see until Saturday to understand more and well only find out on Sunday how close we are to Mercedes. I think we cant take Monaco as a reference, its for the nature of the track that everybody is a bit closer, but for sure I hope to reduce the gap even more. This is why everybody went out in the end of the session. There was no reason to do more laps, we dont have unlimited tires and if the rain comes again we need them, even if the forecast looks dry. Its a shame we could not get an idea on the Supersoft tires but I think we will see on Saturday.

First Session
RAIKKONEN chassis 312 P8 1:19.679 31 laps
VETTEL chassis 311 P4 1.19.134 31 laps
Weather: air 17/18 C, track 21/22 C. Sunny

Second Session
RAIKKONEN chassis 312 P4 1:18.543 15 laps
VETTEL chassis 311 P3 1.18.295 14 laps
Weather: air 17 C, track 23/24 C. Rain

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