30 May

Red Bull Race Preview: GP Canada 2015

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel, winning in Montreal didnít really change your opinion of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, did it?
Not really. Possibly winning has made me love it a little bit more but really Iíve loved it since my first lap, back when I was driving for Toro Rosso. I remember coming back into the pits and saying ďwhat a circuit,Ē I was amazed at how good it was Ė and Iíd only done an install.

Gotta give us a bit more than that DanÖ
Itís just a ridiculous amount of fun. You can jump across the kerbs and really get the car bouncing around. Itís like getting back to go-kart days, you really feel like you own it Ė and I love that. You can get aggressive with it, and aim to just brush the wall. Thereís a lot of risk but that brings a lot of adrenaline with it. Itíd be wonderful if you were doing it in isolation but with 100,000 screaming fans urging you on, itís just mega.

How do you judge the risk versus reward between the walls?
Itís a clear choice: some guys will play it safe and sacrifice half a tenth to get through there cleanly; others who will take a risk and go flat out trying to find a little bit. The nearer you are, the faster youíll go. Give the wall a kiss and you feel pretty good: Kiss it too hard and thatís it!

So, good then?

How about the city?
Awesome. Great places to eat and drink Ė plus the fact Crescent Street is closed off for a big party is very, very cool. The whole city gets involved in the race and you get the impression that the grand prix is really embraced.

Presumably last year there was a bit of a party on Sunday night?
There was Ė but I was very restrained and in bed by 1.30am. Thereís a point where the adrenaline wears off and suddenly youíre absolutely exhausted. I remember falling into bed, thinking ďwow, crazy day,Ē and out went the lights. Fortunately the crew are made of sterner stuff and kept the party going. They were not a pretty sight at breakfast the following dayÖ
Image of Daniel Ricciardo

Weíve just had a tight and twisting street circuit in Monaco and weíre now heading to a quite different temporary track in Montreal. Is a lap of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve as intense?
Yes, itís quite intense but in a very different way. The straights are long but you have these big braking zones. It has a little bit of the feeling of street circuit because of the walls but it is more of a traditional, classic track. It has a unique feeling though and itís a great place for racing. Itís great for drivers and the races are usually very exciting, so Iím looking forward to it.

What about the atmosphere in Montreal? Itís a city that really embraces F1.
Yeah, the atmosphere is always really good. Itís a great crowd and they seem to really know a lot about F1, which is great.

Is it a town you enjoy hanging out in?
From what Iíve seen itís a good city, but to be honest I havenít actually been out and about there very much. However, my trainer likes it very much, because of the hockey. Heís a former hockey player so he loves it there. Weíve visited the stadium and Iíve watched a few games on the TV because itís often play-off season [the Stanley Cup] when weíre there, so heís always watching it.

Youíve got a good hockey team, Salavat Yulaev Ufa, in your home city in Russia, donít you?
Yeah, theyíre good, but theyíre facing difficult times now. But theyíre my home team so I have to support them. I was never a really big fan of hockey but since meeting my trainer Iíve followed it a bit more and I do enjoy it, especially when Russia beats Finland!

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