05 June


5 June 2015
First Practice Session: Position: 7, Best Time: 1:18.021, Laps: 30
Second Practice Session: Position: 9, Best Time: 1:17.092, Laps: 10
“We have been playing around with different settings to find a good balance for tomorrow, but we have more work to do in the morning. There doesn’t seem to be any issues with the brakes, I came in for the guys to check them, then my session was cut short because of the rain. We will keep pushing with this engine and when we need to change it, we’ll change it and deal with penalties then.”

First Practice Session: Position: 14, Best Time: 1:18.775, Laps: 24
Second Practice Session: Position: 10, Best Time: 1:17.111, Laps: 16
“It would have been nice to get more laps in today. We tried a set-up this morning that didn’t feel quite right, so we reverted back to a more conventional set-up in FP2. This worked better but we just didn’t get enough laps in with the session cut short because of the rain. We were a little off the pace today, but we tried four set-ups between the two cars; we’ll look at these and find the best compromise to hopefully propel us towards the front tomorrow. We are going to try and push on with this fourth engine for this race, ideally we want to get through Austria with it as well, but we’ll see how we go.”


5 Reasons why the Canadian Grand Prix is just a bit different…

1. Downtown – In most large cities we visit you can cheerfully wander around the central business district completely unaware that a major sporting event is taking place in your town. Not so in Montreal where downtown it’s party central for the duration. Either they really, really, really love Formula One or it’s just that the winters are so oppressive they take any chance to run outdoors and go mental.
2. Weather has no effect on the race – the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a doozy and whether they’re driving through rivers of rainwater or through streams of tarmac melted by the sun, it’s going to be an exciting race.
3. The Wall of Champions – Other races celebrate the stellar achievement of racing greats with plaques, bronze busts and enormous murals depicting glorious success. Here they’ve got a wall that pokes fun at the champs’ less superhuman efforts. Quite right: burst that egomaniacal bubble.
4. Fans – it’s a Friday and there are people here who, a) don’t work here and b) want to hang out, meet some drivers and get some autographs. OK, so this happens at a lot, but definitely not all, races, but hey, we’re deeply grateful nonetheless.
5. Varmints – There is no disputing it. It’s a great race that not only provides the racing challenges of high speeds, walls, barriers and heavy braking zones but also presents drivers with the singular obstacle of small furry creatures getting tangled up in your front wing. Let’s hear it, then, for the noble marmot – king of game-changing self-sacrifice and emperor of racing critters.

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