04 July

British Grand Prix - Silverstone, 4 July 2015

Kimi Raikkonen: “It was not an easy qualifying, with the strong wind the handling was not ideal and it was very tricky for everybody, because the conditions kept changing from run to run and from corner to corner. We know that when is windy it’s not very easy for us, we improved our car on that side but here it was still difficult to get the lap right, putting all the sectors together. Obviously we can’t be happy for fifth and sixth position, it’s a bit disappointing, but we tried our best and hopefully tomorrow we’ll do better. I don’t think we’re slipping back, it’s just the different conditions we had today. In the race we’ll see what is going to happen, we’ll push to gain some positions”.

Sebastian Vettel: “It was more difficult than we expected so we’ll have to have a look at that, but clearly it’s not ‘clean’ from my side. I struggled a bit to find the right balance. Tomorrow could be a different story, because our race pace should be fine. Today was not the best day. Hopefully tomorrow will be an exciting race, we can do plenty of things, we have the pace. I know that is difficult to pass, especially the Williams as they have a good straightline speed, but we’ll see. Maybe we can find something for tomorrow. For sure it’s not the best starting position. In Q3 we were not happy with either run. The out lap was not great, I nearly crashed with Felipe in last attempt, I think there was a bit of confusion because Nico was going so slow…nobody to blame though. In the end I made a mistake in the final lap, but in general, we were not quick enough.”

RAIKKONEN – Chassis 309
Q1 P1 1:33.426 New Hard – 5 laps New Medium – 3 laps
Q2 P9 1:33.911 New Medium – 5 laps
Q3 P5 1:33.379 New Medium – 3 laps New Medium – 3 laps

VETTEL – Chassis 311
P3 1:33.562 New Hard – 5 laps New Medium – 3 laps
P5 1:33.641 New Medium – 4 laps
P6 1:33.547 New Medium – 3 laps New Medium – 3 laps

Weather: air 24/26 °C, track 35/41 °C. Sunny

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