17 August

Red Bull Race Preview: Belgium 2015

Daniel Ricciardo
So, Daniel, when did you first encounter the Beast of the Ardennes?
When I was a kid I played the racing games quite a bit and Spa was always the track I played Ė it was my favourite Ė and when I got to drive there for real, every bit was as good as I thought it would be. My first race was in Formula Renault 2.0 and I can still picture the first lap, thinking Ďwowí as I went through Eau Rouge. To win the grand prix last year was really, really cool.

The race behind you wasnít bad either. Shame that you missed it...
Donít worry, Iíve seen the replay a few times since.
You had a comfortable lead for the second half of the race last year Ė but perhaps not the easiest car to drive Ė what was that like?
It was pretty tough to drive. We ran really low downforce, pretty much Monza-spec. It made it tricky: tail-y but fun. Trying to keep up the rhythm when the car is moving around is not always easy Ė but I think it was the best package we had for the weekend.
You often talk about races youíd like to visit as a spectator Ė does Spa qualify?
Yeah, it does Ė but I donít like the cold. Rainís the only thing that would put me off. When Spaís sunny, itís great. A proper old-school grand prix for the real racing enthusiast. Great atmosphere, great fans, great beer and definitely the place to come if you like the frites. Only drawback is that itíll be 30įC with blue skies one minute and hosing down the next.

Daniil Kvyat
So Dany, youíve had a few weeks off, youíre chilled, relaxed and calm and now thatís all about to change as you take on the Ďbig oneí Ė Spa. Ready for it?
Yeah, definitely. Spa is one of my favourite tracks of the year. I think thatís a bit of clichť but I think itís a favourite for all the drivers. Itís really long, really challenging, there are some proper fast sections and some properly balls out corners. At Spa, more than anywhere, you feel that youíre really driving an F1 car.
The big balls corner at Spa seems to change depending on the cars being driven. Whatís the turn that requires the biggest now?
Eau Rouge once again. With these cars itís back to being a bit of a ball out corner Ė especially in the wet. Pouhon is pretty much and Blanchimont still, but really only in the wet. Itís full of great, flowing, interesting sections.
Do you get the sense of history that permeates the place?
Yeah, I love it. Itís a totally unique feeling. Thereís great history there; the atmosphere is amazing. To be honest itís quite hard to put into words. I like the weather. It always feels like one of the freshest weekends of the year, if that doesnít sound strange, but itís cold at night, and the mist and everything adds to the atmosphere.
So is it a special race for you?
Yeah itís a great circuit and I think it brings out the true fans and thatís quite special.

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