21 August

Belgian GP

Spa-Francorchamps, 21 August 2015
Kimi Raikkonen: The day was not too bad, even if our programme was a bit affected by the red flags, but then it was the same for everybody. In the end we were able to do all the work we had planned. Regarding the tires we had had a little bit of blistering in the front, which obviously was not ideal, but not a disaster either, there are many things we can do for this. Tomorrow well try our best and see what we can do for Sunday.

Sebastian Vettel: Its obviously nice to come here after the last race and a great result, but we need to keep our feet on the ground. Its a different circuit, different conditions again, so well try to do our best as usual. Today it was not the best day for us, it was a bit difficult to find the rhythm, but for tomorrow I think we can do a step forward: we have to do so, because we dont want to be tenth. Im quite confident that we can tune up the car, because today I was not entirely happy with it: tomorrow it should be a better day.

First Session
Weather: air 22 C, track 17/30 C. Sunny
RAIKKONEN chassis 309
P4 1:51.478 23 laps
VETTEL chassis 311
P5 1:51.866 21 laps

Second Session
Weather: air 22/26 C, track 36/42 C. Sunny
RAIKKONEN chassis 309
P5 1:50.461 23 laps
VETTEL chassis 311
P10 1:50.940 23 laps

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