01 September


September 1, 2015

Time flies, definitely. As we gear up for the final European Grand Prix of the team's tenth season in Formula 1 as well as our home race! we joined another of Max and Carlos' conversations, this time while talking about their preparations for the race, the Italian track, the speed and... Adrenaline rushes!
So... Next one: Monza!
CS: "Monza is such a classic, old-school track, every driver loves to race there!"
MV: "Yes, I just can't wait it's the type of track I enjoy: high speeds, great braking zones and a unique atmosphere. The only time I drove there was last year during an F3 test, but to actually race there must be such a great feeling..."

CS: "It really is. I enjoyed it so much there last year. [Note: Carlos scored two pole-positions and won a race in his Renault World Series 2014 season]. But to drive an F1 there and reach one of the highest top-speeds of the year... That must be such an adrenaline rush, eh?!"
MV: "Ah! Speaking about adrenaline rushes... Do you know what I did last week?! I decided to go for a different kind of training and went water-skiing! That was really thrilling, good fun and, actually, a great workout for the arms!"
CS: "Let's see some photos of that, I also try and do some wakeboarding whenever I have time! I also did a lot of " [A proud Max gets his phone out and shows a couple of photos to Carlos].
Hey guys, sorry to interrupt but... What are your thoughts on the weekend ahead?

MV: [While he puts his phone back into his pocket...] "Even though Monza isn't the best track for us in terms of engine speed, I will push to the max, eheh... Obviously! It's the team's home race, so it's definitely going to be a special one for us and everyone will be extra motivated. Hopefully we can deliver another good result and score some more points!"
CS: "Yeah, I just can't wait to get back in the car even if I have to change the engine [Note: due to the problem in Belgium] But that spec seemed to work quite well for you in Spa, right?
MV: "Yes, it was quite good for me in Spa, I really enjoyed the race."

CS: "Yeah, I'm positive even if I'll have to take a 10-place grid penalty... I really want to at least gain all those positions back in the race, as you did in Spa... If you do it, I can do it! [They both laugh together]"
MV: "Overtaking is a lot of fun, it's really not all lost! [Big grin on his face] And anyway... Your bad luck has to stop at one point!"
CS: "Oh yeah, enough is enough! ...Adelante, adelante, que hay un machote al volante!"
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