09 October


9 October 2015
First Practice Session: Position: 16, Best Time: 1:48.096, Laps: 9
Second Practice Session: Position: 6, Best Time: 2:01.418, Laps: 6
It was not a very useful Friday, it was quite quiet and I didnt do so many laps. We did six laps in the wet, so nowhere near being able to draw any conclusions today. We have to be patient and see where we can be tomorrow compared to the other guys. I hope that we manage to put in some nice laps tomorrow morning, its going to be quite an important FP3 as I'm sure everyone will be trying to do as much as possible then. Because today was a very irrelevant day FP3 will define our qualifying really. In Japan my Saturday morning session was not great which had a significant effect on my qualifying, so we need to aim to have a good FP3 tomorrow.

First Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time: 1:45.233, Laps: 10
Second Practice Session: Position: 14, Best Time: No time set Laps: 1
It was a shame about what happened to the track before the morning session, as it never really cleaned up, so we never got any useful running. Then this afternoon there was little point in doing many laps as its better to save mileage, especially as its not meant to rain for the rest of the weekend. Running for no reason made no sense and it was a pretty boring day. We can hope for better weather tomorrow. This is not our most competitive track, but we will do our best, aiming to get through to Q3 and then see what we can do. With the lack of track time today, we need to work efficiently tonight, choose a direction to go in and then stick with it.
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