10 October

Russian Grand Prix - Sochi, 10 October 2015

Kimi Raikkonen: So far, it has been a compromise weekend because of the weather and many other things that happened. Qualifying today was not the easiest one, it was a bit tricky to get temperature in the tires as we wanted in just one lap, because of the cold conditions. When the tires were working, though, the handling of the car was pretty good. In the last run in Q3 there was no time to do more than one lap, the start of the lap was ok but then I went wide and lost significant time. Tomorrow in the race it will be a bit unknown for everybody: obviously, we dont have enough data from the long runs, so its hard to know what is going to happen, but I think we should be ok. Im sure that when the tires work exactly as we want, the lap times will be a lot different Well try to make a good start then hopefully well have a strong race and will be able to take the fight.

Sebastian Vettel: Im not entirely happy: I think that qualifying was close and third place was possible. We started very well in qualifying, needing only one lap in Q1; then I dont know, as qualifying progressed I lost a little bit of feeling and didnt manage to put the lap together in the end. Maybe theres some ideas why this happened, well have to have a look at that; but to be honest its irrelevant because tomorrow its a different format, a race with many laps, so we have to see what the day brings. We didnt have the opportunity to really change much on the car, but I think everybody is in the same situation. Strategy is a bit unknown at that point, but well try to do our best. I think is possible to fight with Williams, I believe we have a very good car so it should be a good race: Im actually very confident for tomorrow. As for Mercedes, I think they have been more or less one second away but I also think tomorrow it will be a lot closer, I expect that the gap will be smaller, but well see what we can do. If we have the chance, of course we must take it. Obviously it would have been a bit easier if we had been a bit closer to pole position. Lets see what happens tomorrow. Today, the most important message is that Carlos is fine.

RAIKKONEN Chassis 311
Q1 P7 1:39.207 New Supersoft 7 laps
Q2 P4 1:38.224 New Supersoft 5 laps
Q3 P5 1:38.348 New Supersoft 4 laps New Supersoft 2 laps

VETTEL Chassis 313
P4 1:38.598 New Supersoft 4 laps New Supersoft 1 lap
P5 1:38.402 New Supersoft 3 laps
P4 1:37.965 New Supersoft 4 laps New Supersoft 3 laps

Weather: air 16/18 C, track 18/23 C. Cloudy
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