10 October


October 10, 2015
First of all, we have good news: Carlos is okay and is out of hospital! Then, here you can find our team's reaction after today's Free Practice 3 and Qualifying.

Max Verstappen (STR10-02, Car 33)
Third Practice Session Best lap: 1:43.089, pos. 17th, 16 laps
Qualifying Best lap: (Q1) 1:39.411, (Q2) 1:39.119, (Q3) 1:38.924, pos. 9th

"First of all I'd like to say that I'm really happy to hear that Carlos is okay after his crash, that's the most important news of the day. Hopefully he's here tomorrow. I'm very satisfied with my qualifying performance today! It was my first time at this track with low fuel, so I had to get used to that at the same time during the session I was still learning during qualifying! A P9 is a good result, I'm really pleased. It's difficult to know what to expect for tomorrow's race, as we didn't get a lot of running during the practice sessions and even though our long-runs were not bad, we will need to wait and see... But I'm confident we can have a good race and fight for more points!"

Carlos Sainz (STR10-04, Car 55)
Third Practice Session - Best lap: 1:42.683, pos. 15th, 19 laps
Qualifying did not take part

"Hi everyone! As you can see I am fine. My back and my neck are just a bit sore from the accident, but I'm totally ready. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up in a good shape and maybe I can try and race this is definitely the intention! Obviously we need to be cautious... I've always been conscious. As soon as the accident happened I tried to talk to the team on the radio, but it wasn't working and those must have been some scary moments... I'd like to thank everyone for their support, it's really nice to receive all your messages at a moment like this one! I hope to see you all tomorrow out there!"

Phil Charles (Chief Race Engineer)

"Our first considerations are obviously for Carlos. It was quite a big crash for him but it's good to know that he feels well. We will now need to wait until tomorrow morning to hear if his final FIA medical checks are okay.
On the engineering side we are still finalising the details of our crash investigation. However so far there are no significant findings to talk about. From a personal point of view I am quite impressed to see that the car has survived such a shunt in quite a healthy way: the nose crush zone has worked very efficiently and the four wheels were still retained by the tethers. The monocoque looks to be in good shape as well.
Talking a little more about the car performance, both drivers were settling down nicely in P3 before Carlos's crash, doing long-run tyre tests early on. In qualifying with Max, he did a good job as we were still evolving our approach as well, given we didn't get a short run with either driver in P3. Most significantly we had to make a decision on the way we used the tyres selecting between build-push or push-charge-push. We elected for the second option in Q3. It is obviously difficult to say for sure which would have been better but Max put together a pretty good lap and I think we achieved most of what we could have today with our package."
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