23 October


23 October 2015
First Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 1:55.224, Laps: 6
Second Practice Session: Session cancelled due to weather
"There was not so much to do out there today but we did a couple of laps in FP1 which was good for me to get on the track for a bit. But in FP2 there was obviously so much rain that we couldnít even drive. We had some fun in the garage this afternoon because we didnít get out at all, it was good to spend some time with the guys but obviously we would like to drive! If tomorrow is the same I guess Iíll bring my laptop, some movies, some magazines and a book and then weíll see! The forecast is showing a chance of this sort of weather for a while so obviously we have to take every lap we can. Itís important to make the most out of what we did this morning and we also have to be ready in the event that everything is cancelled up until the race itself. This kind of weekend usually always makes the race more interesting."

First Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:55.592, Laps: 10
Second Practice Session: Session cancelled due to weather
ďThis weather is beautiful for the farmers. They need some water on their dry farms. Itís obviously a shame for us and the fans. I think on days like this you feel more sorry for the fans, because especially on the Friday, a lot of people take time off work to come and see us, so I feel for them. But weíll definitely race. The forecast for tomorrow looks quite bad already but if we have to qualify and race on Sunday then thatís what weíll do - if itís like this tomorrow maybe we can go downtown and listen to music all day! The laps we did this morning were quite good.
We know that in these conditions we are strong. With mixed conditions on Sunday we should be okay. I like this circuit and itís one of my favourites. The car has been a lot better straight away in the last few races, so even if itís dry on Sunday I think weíll be able to attack.Ē
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