23 October

United States GP, Austin 23 October 2015

Kimi Raikkonen: ďWe cannot take very much from todayís free practice. This morning, we only did three timed laps because we wanted to save intermediate tires for the second session. We donít have many sets of tires for the rain conditions and if we still expect more rain itís better to keep them. Itís a difficult situation but itís the same for everybody. At the moment we are just guessing, tomorrow weíll see how it is and then what comes after that if we canít drive. With this weather conditions thereís more gamble and more chances for odd races, it can go all for you or against you. Itís a shame for everybody, the spectators canít see anything and we canít drive because of the conditions. Hopefully we get the proper conditions at least on Sunday and we can do qualifying and race. Weíll try to make the right decisions. Iím sure we have the speed to recover at the start.Ē

Sebastian Vettel: ďI have witnessed something like this already Ė yes. We had a year in Canada where the race was held for a long time due to rain; and we had a year in Japan, where we had to cancel Qualifying on Saturday and do it on Sunday. It is a shame, especially for the people who came to see us this weekend here at the circuit. But there is not much we can do. We have to remain calm and get prepared for tomorrow as a normal day. Today we obviously didnít learn a lot, then we see from the conditions what the day brings. Everybody is in the same situation.Ē

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