30 October


30 October 2015
First Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 1:26.295, Laps: 27
Second Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 1:21.776, Laps: 27
"The track is very cool, itís a lot of fun and there are plenty of technical sections where you need to prepare for the corners and think twice before you really get into it. It was a good crowd, we saw lots of fans and passion today and the stadium section looks cool, it's very nice to see. Conditions were changing quite a lot today and as you expect with a new track, it was evolving a lot too. How things are right now, we look very competitive, so hopefully we can keep it up tomorrow. Nevertheless I donít think itís going to be easy because usually on Saturday the silver cars and the other guys find some more performance, but weíll have to wait and see. Fingers crossed weíll be able to maintain this nice level of performance and hopefully we can spice things up tomorrow. That would be really cool."

First Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time: 1:27.185, Laps: 28
Second Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:21.868, Laps: 28
ďI feel the track has got a lot of potential, but itís so slippery out there. Even in the afternoon when it was quite dry, the high-speed stuff was still very slippery. But itís a brand new track and once the grip is in, itíll be a lot of fun. The track is unique and I think they have done a really good job with it. The facilities are amazing as well. Itís definitely really cool to have such big support here Ė there were so many people in the grandstands. Not a bad Friday for us as a team with pretty much all corners at the track suiting us. On the one straight we lose all our advantage, but all these tight, twisty corners and the fast flowing esses in the middle worked to our advantage. We look more competitive than we thought we would be, but letís see what happens tomorrow.Ē


Surfing the Mexican Wave Ė 7 Reasons to Celebrate Mexicoís Return

1. Itís next door to Austin Ė If youíre going to have a back-to-back keep it local. It took one short 1hr 48m flight to leave behind the US GP and arrive at the Mexican race. At the end of a long season thatís the kind of short haul transfer that puts a smile on everyoneís face.
2. The inevitability of a colleague being lost to Tequila/Mezcal Ė Fancy a tattoo of the great God Huitzilopochtli all across your chest? Want to find out if itís possible to file an FP3 report from the cell of a Mexican jail? Yep this is the weekend to try, as that innocent statement Ďitís just one round of shotsí turns into the F1 equivalent of ĎThe Hangoverí.
3. The unmissable opportunity to bitch about the traffic Ė Thereís nothing better at a new F1 race than finding a common cause of misery and woe and in Mexico City that means traffic. Itís a bit like when it snows in England: everybody knows itís due in winter but even the lightest dusting means it takes two hours to get to work, you spend the following two hours hanging out by the water cooler talking about how badly you have suffered and then you get to leave work two hours early to beat the soul destroying hardship.
4. Overhead bins full of TV crew sombreros Ė The only thing more entertaining than a common cause of complaint is the desperate scramble by TV crews to fully embrace a new local culture. Thus Mondayís flights will see a procession of TV pit lane reporters stuffing outsize sombreros, sarapes and full mariachi band uniforms into overheard bins.
5. The History Ė To be serious, itís not often these days that a new race means returning to a circuit where so much great F1 history has been made. John Surtees winning the title for Ferrari in 1964 at the final round, Gerhard Bergerís first grand prix win, Mansellís pass on Berger around the outside of the Peraltada in 1990, this place has heritage by the truck load. The only downside is that the whole thing will be accompanied by the incessant, monotonous drone of F1 veterans reminiscing about how much better it was when they were here for the last one in í92.
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