06 November


Daniil Kvyat

Weíve just come from a race in Mexico that had an incredible atmosphere and now weíre going to another with a similarly crazy crowd Ė the Brazilian Grand Prix. Is it a race you enjoy?
Definitely. Itís one of F1ís classic tracks and the atmosphere is always great. I think they have done some rebuilding there and Iím looking forward to seeing how the paddock has changed. It was the smallest of the year and kind of difficult for teams to work in and it will be good to see what has been done.
But whatever they have done I donít think it will change the atmosphere. Itís always amazing, with the fans so close to the track. They really have a big passion for Formula One and the feeling is always good on the grid there Ė even though itís a bit crazy!

What about the Interlagos circuit itself?
Itís a good circuit and like I said itís one of the classics. Itís got good changes of elevation, itís quite a quick, short lap and there are some good overtaking spots. Itís nice to drive; it has a good flow to it with some good high-speed corners, which is what drivers always enjoy.
It has some great memories for me, because I did my second free practice in F1 there in 2013 with Toro Rosso. It was wet but I really enjoyed it and I finished I think eighth or ninth [Dany was P8]. Last yearís race [with Toro Rosso] wasnít great. I had a grid penalty and started 17th but I managed to finish 11th.

And away from the track, what do you make of the city?
Itís enormous. Itís hard to get a good feel for it really because itís so big but the food there is really good and it has got some really nice restaurants, if you know where to go. Also the girls are really pretty!

Daniel Ricciardo

So Daniel, Brazil up next, whatís the secret to a great lap of the Autůdromo Josť Carlos Pace?
Donít ask me, I donít know Ė I donít think Iíve ever done one, so Iíve got no secrets! What I have learned is that you shouldnít think ahead too much. You have to take it corner-bycorner and concentrate on the one youíre in. Thereís not many that you string together. Thereís not many corners full stop.

Itís not your favourite circuit is it?
What gave it away? No, Brazilís a wonderful grand prix with a great atmosphere in an exciting city but the track doesnít really do it for me. Thereís just not a corner that gives you any real satisfaction. I donít want to make it sound dull, because it isnít, but like Russia, there isnít a corner that makes you go Woooo-Hoooo! It needs a few more corners and something really high speed. Thereís a couple that look good on paper but because of the cambers, you never really have the grip to go barrelling in. The crowd really gets your heart-rate up before the sessions, so you want to be really on it but instead have to be very patient.

Tell us about the crowd, you must hear them at the start?
Oh yeah. The start-finish straight is very narrow, so if your grid slot is on the outside, youíre about two metres away from the grandstand. You better hope they like you because if not youíre a pretty easy target when youíre pulling your helmet on! Itís a good time though. Lots of noise, lots of airhorns, trumpets, drums. Like Mexico, itís the crowd you want for a grand prix. Brazilians are cool.

How about away from the track, what do you do?
Food! Amazing restaurants. Last year we went to Restaurante Figueira Rubaiyat, with the fig tree growing through the middle of the dining room. That was pretty special. Sadly, it not being the season finale, I canít really indulge Ė but I can watch other people.

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