28 November


28 November 2015
DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 5, (3rd Practice – 6, 1:42.726)
“I’m happy with the session; I think we’ve done really well. We were able to improve in every session and the weekend so far has been pretty smooth. Our lap time kept on getting better and better and that’s when you know the session’s gone well. You find a few tenths each run. Last year, one of my best qualifying performances was here and today sort of backed that up. Our target for tomorrow is definitely to keep the Williams behind us and find a way around Perez. He was really quick today. I hope they fade a bit in the race. It should be interesting tomorrow. We won’t have an easy time passing them on track but at least it’s a track where you can overtake. The DRS zones are good and you can definitely have a go.”

DANIIL KVYAT, Position: 9, (3rd Practice – No Time Set)
“Not running in FP3 unfortunately comprised our day and the car didn’t feel right. We were hoping it wouldn’t affect us too much this evening, but it did and I just didn’t feel comfortable out there. Not running in P3, after the small issues which we had yesterday, meant we had to go into qualifying a bit blind. Luckily we did a few long runs in P2 yesterday which was quite useful and will be helping us tomorrow. We will try to make up some places then, so hopefully we will be able to take something out of it.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER: “It was a fantastic lap from Daniel, possibly one of his best of the season, to line up fifth for the race tomorrow. He set a blistering pace in Sector Three, which made up for the time lost in Sectors One and Two. Dany matched Daniel’s pace in Sectors One and Two but unfortunately lost out in Sector Three and will line up ninth. We can realistically expect to have a strong race from these grid positions and we will be looking to capitalise on that tomorrow to end the season with the best results possible.”


Pursuit of Performance
No. 8: Gerrard O'Reilly

It’s the last race of 2015 but there’s still a few more miles of hard road to travel before everyone’s done for the year. Gerrard O'Reilly, Race Team Logistics Manager, has lots of exciting parcels to unwrap in December – they’re just not the sort you leave under a tree.

Perhaps people outside the paddock think we’ll pack out kit up on Sunday night and forget about it until it’s time to go to Oz. Funnily enough, no, it’s not quite that straightforward! There’s a fair bit of work to do.

Obviously this year we’re staying out at Yas Marina for a test. That makes sense: we’re all here, the weather and the facilities are good. We’ll finish on Tuesday at 2100hrs, pack the airfreight and the sea freight, fly back to England on Wednesday and be in the factory on Thursday morning. The airfreight will arrive a few hours later.

We’ll strip the race cars and then it’s on to the rest of the kit. Every single piece will be stripped down and sent either for polishing, updating, modifying or paint. Everyone will have three weeks off across December and January, and the first group will be starting their holiday about a week after we return – but we’ll want this work done before they go. We’ll have about three days to get it done.

We’ll also have the sea freight to turn around. We have five sets in total. Some will be arriving in the UK over the next few weeks. There’s one due back this weekend that will be waiting for us when we get back. The standard setup is three 40-foot containers of equipment, all of which has to be cleaned, restocked, serviced and painted. This set, the garage we’ve used in Abu Dhabi, won’t arrive back in the UK until the middle of January. By that time the set for the Australian Grand Prix will have long since started its journey to Albert Park.

As for the RB11s, we built five chassis this year and now they’ll basically become show cars; there’s already a program for what will be rebuilt into which specification. One will go into the museum and another probably go to Hangar 7 in Austria - they will all go to new homes.
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