24 February


Wednesday 24 February 2016
Driver: Daniil Kvyat
Car: RB12
Laps: 74
Best time: 1:26.497
Circuit length: 4.655km
Fastest Lap: N. Hulkenberg (1:23.110)

After two days with Daniel Ricciardo in the driving seat, today it was Daniil Kvyat’s turn to try out the Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer RB12 and despite a slightly early halt to proceedings, the Russian was positive about his first laps at the wheel of the new car.

“It was great to get back behind the wheel today and very exciting to finally drive the RB12 after what felt like a long winter break,” said Daniil. “I think we’ve made a step in the right direction so far. Everything feels like it’s in the right place, the car seems quite well balanced and the first feeling is very positive. Obviously we are looking for a bit more mileage than today, which I think is reachable, so we’ll try to make a really good day of it tomorrow.”

Commenting on today’s session, Head of Race Engineering, Guillaume Rocquelin said: “A slightly frustrating end to today’s work, as the problem we encountered yesterday manifested itself again. We did some work overnight to cure the issue and the bulk of today’s running went smoothly. However, in the afternoon we noticed the problem again, so decided to finish a bit early. I don’t think it will put a big dent in our progress but it’s something we’ll have to look into before next week’s final test. Prior to the end of running, Dany had a good first day. He was comfortable from the off and he was making the same noises as Daniel in terms of how the car generally feels and behaves, which is good. In the morning we focused on aero work and it was more of the same in the afternoon – long runs, medium tyre, just getting Dany bedded in and working through our run plan. We’ll keep pushing tomorrow and hopefully put a few more miles on before we finish for this week.”

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