18 March

Australian GP Practice

Objectives: Systems checks and pitstop practice.

Rob Smedley, Head of Performance Engineering: It is exciting for us all to be back at track preparing to go racing again. There is a great deal of anticipation for the team after a lot of hard work over the winter and everyone is keen to get going. It was a little bit disappointing for us all today though, for the team and the fans, but with the weather conditions we couldn’t really get a great deal done. You could see some teams out trying to do a little bit of performance running in the wet, but we elected to just go out and do system checks, starts and pitstops as we are almost certainly going to have a dry qualifying and dry Sunday. We aim to do more work tomorrow.

Valtteri Bottas:
This wasn’t the day we were hoping for because of the weather conditions, but it was equal for everyone. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m sure we will learn much more than today. It was difficult to get to learn much today so I am looking forward to getting out on track tomorrow – I just want to drive!

Felipe Massa:
There’s not much to say really. There wasn’t much action today so we were just waiting all day to go on the track with dry tyres. This morning was better than this afternoon because we were just waiting for the track to dry, and unfortunately it didn’t so we just stayed in the garage.

Albert Park, Melbourne 5.303kms / 3.295 miles
Weather Wet and windy Wet and windy
Air & Track Temperatures 16-19°C / 18-28°C 15-18°C / 17-21°C
V Bottas, FW38-03, PU106C Hybrid 1:34.550 (11th) No time set
F Massa, FW38-02, PU106C Hybrid 1:34.679 (12th) No time set
Quickest Time L. Hamilton (1:29.725) L. Hamilton (1:38.841)

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