19 March


19 March 2016

DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 8, (3rd Practice Ė 8, 1:26.768)
ďTo make it into Q3 is good, we expected to more or less be in the top eight. Another tenth would have probably given us a couple of more positions, but thatís always the way. As for the new qualifying system, Q1 and Q2 seemed okay, the clock ticking down added a bit more pressure and it might have been a bit more exciting for the fans, but Q3 didnít seem to work as well, it was a bit weird to have the session still going and all the drivers out of their cars.Ē

DANIIL KVYAT, Position: 18, (3rd Practice Ė 13, 1:27.430)
"Of course itís frustrating to be P18 but we will learn from what we have done today. My first lap was compromised by traffic so I had to give it up, and on the second push lap the tyres lost a lot of performance so it wasnít enough. Itís a new system and someone had to get it wrong and today it was us but we have plenty of things to analyse from our short life in Q1. I will do my best to go through the field tomorrow, definitely. Itís not going to be enjoyable to start from P18 but itís a long race and we have to try and squeeze everything out of it and bring some points home."

CHRISTIAN HORNER: ďFor me, this new qualifying system did not work and really we should apologise to the fans. We have not put on a show for them at all today which is a shame, especially for the first race of the season. Itís not good for qualifying to be done with five minutes to go, drivers and cars need to be out on track fighting for pole up until the last second. We should accept that we tried it, it didnít work and the important thing is we learn from it and address it quickly. Qualifying needs to build up to a crescendo, not what we saw here today.Ē

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