26 March

Red Bull Race Preview: Bahrain 2016

Daniil Kvyat
ďI like the weather in Bahrain and the track is good. It might look like a simple, modern track but actually itís very challenging to put a strong lap together. I like that Bahrain is a night race, it gives it some passion! And night racing feels like you are going into space!

ďThe races in Bahrain are good, there is a long main straight and good overtaking opportunity after Turn 1. Then there is the tow again to Turn 4, so there are good opportunities to race. This is where most of the racing happens in Turn 1, Turn 2, and Turn 4 and maybe Turn 8 as well sometimes.
ďTo me, this track has been OK, last year there were a few issues, but in the race it was fine. I had an OK race there when I was at STR as well. There is a long straight which was our weakness last year but this year we are looking to find some improvements so it could turn out to be quite a competitive track for us. If we can grab a few good points for both cars, that would be great.Ē

Daniel Ricciardo
ďI think the trackís always been pretty fun to race on, I feel Iíve always had good results at this track, and there are good places for overtaking. Since itís been a night race itís become a lot more exciting. The tyres last a bit longer and you can push a bit harder throughout the race so itís been a good challenge the last few years and a place Iíve always enjoyed. Thereís not really one standout corner thatís like Ďwoahí but itís all pretty cool and the middle sector is quite fun. Night races are fun, for whatever reason it feels like you go a bit faster at night, so itís exciting. If every race was a night race it wouldnít have that same atmosphere so itís cool that we have a few across the year.
ďThe track is good for overtaking, the last corner flows quite well and if you can get close for DRS you can get a good run into Turn 1. If you donít get it into Turn 1, then thereís Turn 4 or the middle sectors where itís easy to make mistakes. Thereís probably four places you can pass on the track which is pretty good. The track does suit us, the last couple of years weíve had a pretty good result, so hopefully we can continue that this year as well.Ē

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