09 May


Daniel Ricciardo
ďBarcelona marks the start of the summer, the weather is starting to get better and we usually go pretty well at the Circuit de Catalunya so Iím looking forward to it. I know the track well as we spend quite a lot of time there but thereís always things to learn from the track though so I donít want to say I know it all, but having had a few races in the car itís about putting it all together and having a strong weekend.

ďItís a relatively high down force circuit so we can strap most of the things on the car that make it go faster. Itís quite hard on tyres so we are normally a bit stronger than some other teams in that area. It could provide a good opportunity for us to get close to the podium.
ďI stay in a motorhome for the whole race week as itís just a lot more convenient, but I would love to spend some more time in the city to be honest. I really like Barcelona. It has a really cool culture and some awesome Tapas places.Ē

Max Verstappen
ďIím very excited for the opportunity to drive for Red Bull Racing and I canít wait to jump in the car in Barcelona. I have a lot of work to do ahead of the race, lots of data to study but luckily itís a track I know well because we have driven there so much.
ďThe main straight is quite a long one, so you need a good top speed. For me the best parts of the track are Turn 3 and Turn 9, as they are both high-speed ones. The last sector is also interesting, as itís very technical and hard on tyres.
ďThe crowd is also one you always notice, with many Spanish fans showing their support and enjoying the racing!Ē

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