18 May


Day Two
Tuesday 17 May, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Jordan MRT05-03 P10 91 laps 1:27.615

Jordan King:
“Despite having my first taste of an F1 car in Abu Dhabi last year, driving this year’s MRT05 for the first time today was just as exhilarating. Possibly more so, actually, given that it’s such a big step on in terms of power and braking stability in particular. As well as being an opportunity for me to get to grips with the car, today was still very much a working test for the team and I had a big programme of items to work through. We had hoped to make enough progress for me to get some time on the Supersoft but we had an issue at the end which brought our day to a close sooner than we’d hoped. That said, it’s not all about the timesheets and it’s just as valuable for the team to see what I can bring in terms of application and feedback. All in all, I’m pretty pleased.”

Dave Ryan, Racing Director:
“We’ve had a very good extended stay here in Barcelona with two days of really productive running. Yesterday with Pascal was extremely beneficial because he had just spent a race weekend running the new developments, so it was great to have the luxury of being able to spend a bit of time looking at things in a far more detailed and critical manner. Today was more about providing Jordan with the opportunity to get to grips with this year’s package, but nonetheless we’ve been able to work through a programme of important items with him at the same time as giving him the valuable learning experience he needs in his role as Development Driver. He’s done a good job today, working diligently and consistently, but it was unfortunate that a problem at the end of the day curtailed our running and he wasn’t able to run the Supersofts. Now, it’s on to Monaco where we are all very much looking forward to what is always a fantastic event and Pascal and Rio’s first Monaco Grand Prix, so a huge occasion for the entire team.”

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