20 May


Max Verstappen
ďI always enjoy racing street circuits like Monaco because you are really pushing the limit and are very close to the walls, it gives you a great feeling that you are on top of your car and getting the most out of it.
ďItís so difficult to overtake in Monaco, last year I tried and we ended up in the wall, so the most important thing is to have a good qualifying and start and from there on keep it on the track! Monaco is also special because the track is walking distance from where I live so thatís nice to feel like Iím home during the race weekend.

ďNaturally there is a lot more attention around driving the car but at the end the most important thing for the driver is just to focus on what youíre doing.

ďMy favourite part of the track is around the swimming pool section because itís very fast, to go flat out through the first chicane on a street circuit is nice to do. Also riding the curbs in 15 and 16 feels great.
ďMy first win in Spain felt amazing, I still canít believe it! It was a great weekend, a great result and weíll see what happens in Monaco. The target first of all is just to stay out of the walls, and if you stay out of the walls we can be close or hopefully on the podium.Ē

Daniel Ricciardo
ďMonaco is really cool, being able to stay at home makes you feel a bit more relaxed and normal, like watching TV before you go to bed and waking up and having my own breakfast.
I remember in 2014 when I got the podium in Monaco I came back to my house with the trophy and champagne and sat there thinking I just had an F1 race an hour ago and now Iím sat in my house, this is weird. Then I had loads of Pizza.

ďI believe street circuits like Monaco bring out the best in a driver. Fans, commentators and ex-drivers can see whoís really on it and willing to push it to the limit. Thatís what I like about street circuits. Itís visible to the spectators who is running the fine line between risk and reward.
ďSo far this year weíve had a win and a podium as a team and I think Monaco provides a great opportunity to add to that. I canít wait to go there, itís one of those races you donít want to get too excited about. If you go to Monaco too excited it can turn around and bite you, so we have to play it cool but I think we have a good chance.

ďMonaco is great fun, I have always wanted to do the Energy Station on a Saturday night. Itís an awesome venue right on the water, itís open air with the pool and theyíve got very good cocktails so thatís where I would go if I could.

ďOne day I will go back to Monaco as a spectator for a race weekend and do all the things I canít do now.Ē

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