15 July


Max Verstappen
ďHungaroring is a great track and Budapest is a really cool city. Normally when we arrive itís pretty warm which is nice. I always enjoy driving there because itís a small track with a big car so it gives a bit of a go kart feeling, itís also pretty tough due to all the turns, so you donít really get a chance to rest and usually end up pretty sweaty in the heat. Sector 2 is my favourite part of the track, itís all about hitting the apex of one corner right so you are in the right position for the next one. If you get it wrong itís a big time penalty, so you need to be really focused.

ďThere are some really good restaurants in Budapest, I have had some amazing meals there. The good food and the good atmosphere means I always really enjoy going there. I have been there a few times testing with 2.0 litre, with Formula 3 and once with F1 so Iím really looking forward to it again.

ďAfter Hungary we head to Germany, another back to back race so we will be ready for the summer break after that.Ē

Daniel Ricciardo
ďI think the track in Hungary is very fun and busy. The second sector is great because itís corner after corner and there is not much time to rest and think so you can just get into a good rhythm and once you find that rhythm it feels really nice. I won pretty much every category there so Iíve always enjoyed it.
ďItís also always around the summertime so itís normally nice and hot and you get a good summer feeling when you go there. Also you know that the holidays are around the corner. Apart from that, Budapest is a fun city. It has really good restaurants on offer and the people are always very friendly.

ďThen itís straight on to Germany. I think the Hockenheimring is actually a pretty fun track. I like entering the stadium section. Also the fans are huge motorsport fans, which is always pretty awesome. There are some cool little towns around the track which offer some traditional German food and after my week in Austria I canít wait to enjoy my second round of Schnitzels.Ē
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