29 July


29 JULY 2016
First Practice Session: 1:16.927, Position: 5, Laps: 29
Second Practice Session: 1:16.456, Position: 4, Laps: 40
ďA good start to the day and weekend in general. The first session I was learning the lap with the car, we had a bit of front locking that we will hopefully get rid of tomorrow. The second session was good, definite progress from the first as I continued to learn the track and get used to the car here. Everyone knows this track is quite hard on the tyres so no real surprises there. We are not too far off Mercedes, we are matching Ferrari and the long runs were all pretty positive. We will have to wait and see how some of the rules work, from what I have heard in general it shouldnít be too bad. I think the radio rules make it nicer for the fans so they can hear what is going on and not just listen to commentary. I think the fastest way around the track is within the track limits so we will try and keep to that. I donít mind what the other drivers have said about last weekend, Iím happy and confident with my driving and defending, they can talk to me if they want but I donít feel any pressure from them.Ē

First Practice Session: 1:17.089, Position: 6, Laps: 30
Second Practice Session: 1:16.490, Position: 5, Laps: 38
ďI enjoy the track around here actually. Itís cool and itís got pretty good flow. The last sector is fun, but itís tricky with the tyres. Youíve got some tight corners which seem to be harder on the rear tyres but then the last sector has got a lot of longer corners where you can hurt the front, so trying to balance the car isnít always easy. But I felt we got on top of it more in FP2 so Iím pretty happy where we are now. We looked quite close to the Mercs on high fuel so that was promising. This afternoonís race stint looked really good so if we can replicate what we did then on Sunday I think we can have a strong chance in the race. Iím obviously trying to keep up with all the rule changes but Iíve never been too fussed really. I think if itís the same rules for everyone then letís go and race and deal with what weíve got.Ē

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