27 August


Saturday 27 August
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

Pascal MRT05-03 Q2 P16 11 laps 1:48.554
Esteban MRT05-02 Q1 P18 7 laps 1:49.050

Pascal Wehrlein:

Cracking job, Pascal. P9 in Q1, and through to Q2 for the second time this year. But, you seem disappointed?

ďWell, Iím very happy that we made it through to Q2, of course; Q1 was incredible for us with P9. But unfortunately we had no new Supersoft tyres for Q2, so I had to do my lap on used tyres. Q1 felt so good with new tyres, so you can see what was possible today; that last run was not our true pace. So it was a bit of a shame, but that decision has to be made much earlier in the year.Ē

Youíve looked in good shape all weekend. Could we see a strong race tomorrow?

ďWeíre actually in a very good position for tomorrow, in terms of our position on the grid and also with the tyres we have available for the race. Degradation will be high at this track, so weíll be okay I think. And, yes, Iíve been very happy with the weekend so far. Itís all gone pretty much to plan and Iím looking forward to the race.Ē

Esteban Ocon:

How was your first experience of qualifying?

ďPretty tough, I have to say. Iíve been pretty happy with my pace generally but itís not easy to start your F1 career more than halfway through the season. I need more time in the car and with the Supersoft tyre and even managing the traffic; thatís quite a challenge too with all the cars slowing down after their laps. It takes more experience than I have in three practice sessions to really extract the maximum out of everything. Thatís something to look forward to with each new race though, improving step by step. I was very quick on the Soft tyre, so although Iím a little disappointed today, Iím also excited about what is yet to come.Ē

What about the race tomorrow, your first F1 Grand Prix?

ďTomorrow I will be the happiest guy on the grid. Itís my first race and I canít wait for the whole experience of preparing for the race, the grid, lights out, pit stops - everything. Again, the race will bring its own challenges, as itís my first one, but Iím really happy with the work weíve done in practice. Iím happy on the Medium and Soft tyre, and with the long run pace, so Iím just going to stay focused on the goal, which is to have a strong clean race, get a good result for the team, learn a lot and have fun with it too.Ē

A word with Dave Ryan, Racing Director:

ďFunny, isnít it? Everyone has worked so hard to get to the point where we can get through to Q2 on pure pace, yet while we have achieved this with Pascalís fantastic performance today, there is also a sense of frustration. Perhaps if we had believed in ourselves a bit more we might have managed our tyre usage slightly differently, such that we could have competed in Q2 with new tyres rather than reuse the same sets from Q1. However, that was how we chose to play it and as a result weíre looking very good for the race tomorrow, which is when it really counts. So, brilliant job Pascal and the team. Thatís what weíre here for, so letís keep it going!

ďEsteban? Well, he has been absolutely mega! Yes, itís his first ever Grand Prix, but thatís nothing compared to the fact that yesterday morning, at 1000hrs and the start of FP1, he drove our race car for the very first time and yet, here he is, 18th on the grid, having done a fantastic job all weekend. Iím sure heís incredibly excited about tomorrowís race, as we all are. His preparation has been perfect and his race pace is where it needs to be, so heís ready for it and I am sure he will deliver.

ďCongratulations to everyone in the garage and back at Banbury. Today is a big milestone but thereís still a long way to go, so letís keep pushing!Ē
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