31 October


30 OCTOBER 2016
DANIEL RICCIARDO, Finish Position: 3rd (5th)*, Start Position: 4th
ďObviously Iím happy to get the points and I think that means third for me in the Driversí Championship so Iím quite proud of that this year. Sure it would have been nice to get up on the podium and enjoy it but none the less that was the situation today. It was a fun race. Even though I was quite frustrated after the race with the incident and all that, I still had a lot of fun with that battle. And being the hunter at the end is so much more fun than driving around by yourself. The race came alive and obviously it became a bit spicy but it was a cool day. Sure I want to race and having penalties after the race isnít ideal, but I did feel today that it was called for. I committed to the move and he squeezed me. Racing should be tough and l donít expect being waved through but we talked about the moving under braking and thatís on paper now. The only thing Iím disappointed of is not to be in the stadium in that moment but the podium is still up so Iíll go and have a few photos with the guys.Ē*finish position revised following penalty for Car 5

MAX VERSTAPPEN, Finish Position: 4th*(3rd)*, Start Position: 3rd
ďWhen I went off the track towards the end I think it was pretty similar to Lewis on lap one, corner one. He went off and I felt he gained an advantage, I didnít even gain an advantage, I was ahead going into braking and when I came back on the track I was the same distance in front so I donít understand the penalty. I think it was a small bit of justice that the stewards made the decision to penalise Seb. It was clearly a wrong move which has been punished according to the rules. As long as we can stick to the rules every week then we wonít have the frustration we felt after the race. Iím really happy for Daniel to get on the podium after a strong drive and itís a great result for the team. It makes our second position in the Constructorsí Championship that little bit closer and I believe it confirms Daniel as P3 in the Driversí Championship. After a bit of stress we end the weekend with smiles all round. I could have done with a few more laps on the supersoft to get me closer to overtaking Nico, but at the end of the day we were always going to struggle to overtake here due to straight line speed. At the end of the day the Mexican fans have been amazing once again, the atmosphere and noise was great.Ē
*finish position revised following own penalty and penalty for Car 5

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: ďIím glad to see the Stewards making the right decision regarding the Ricciardo-Vettel incident, and it extends our lead over Ferrari in the Constructors Championship to 62 points. Itís been an interesting end to the Mexican Grand Prix, not one that anyone really wants to see, but Iím delighted for Daniel in having secured 3rd place in the Driversí Championship, heís had an excellent season and deserves it. Daniel and Max have been driving brilliantly well, pushing each other on, theyíve both raised the bar and the level that they are operating at now is good to witness. We are looking forward to the final two races and itís encouraging to see we are getting closer and closer to Mercedes. For Max to be able to have a go at Nico today, having tailed him all the way through the race is really good news. We are chipping away and you are not seeing the margins Mercedes have had in previous years which bodes well not just for this year but for a more competitive Formula One in 2017."

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