10 March


Friday, 10 March 2017

Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, 4.655 kms
Car: STR12

T02 Total laps completed (4 days): 401
T02 Total kilometres completed (4 days): 1867 km

T02 Laps completed by DK: 177
T02 Kilometres completed by DK: 824 km

T02 Laps completed by CS: 224
T02 Kilometres completed by CS: 1043 km

Total laps completed (T01 + T02): 584
Total kilometres completed (T01 + T02): 2718 km

Driver: Carlos Sainz
Laps: 132
Best time: 1:19.837

Carlos Sainz (Car 55):
What a great feeling to end pre-season testing with such a good day! Im very happy with the lap time and with the number of laps completed managing to cover a full run plan was exactly what we needed before going to Melbourne! We can now be a lot more positive about the season thats about to start. Its been a tough couple of weeks for the whole team, with problems here and there, but today we finally managed to put a very good day together and were definitely ready to race Lets do this!

James Key (Technical Director):
I have to say that these eight days of pre-season testing have gone incredibly quickly! Its amazing that today was already the last day and that in a couple of weeks time were going to be out in Melbourne something were much looking forward to! After last weeks low level of running, weve learned an awful lot this week, something which we needed. Although we had a few stops and starts, overall its been a much more positive test. Both Carlos and Daniil have been enthusiastic and grown confident with the car. Weve learned a lot about the tyres and clearly theres a lot of sensitivity around how best to get the most out of the car, so weve gathered plenty of important information to analyse back at the factory. I would like to thank the drivers and the team for their hard work over the last weeks and months to get our 2017 campaign underway. We now look forward to the start of the season; were as prepared as we can be in the circumstances we have had.

Franz Tost (Team Principal):
First of all Id like to say that I really like the new Formula 1 cars. They look much more aggressive thanks to the wider tyres and the new aerodynamics. Im also fascinated by the high corner speeds its really exciting to watch the cars out on track, especially at corners 3 or 9 here in Barcelona, theyre just so fast! From an esthetic point of view, the STR12s new livery has been very well accepted by everyone and Id describe it as one of the most beautiful- looking cars on the 2017 grid.

After completing the two pre-season tests here in Barcelona I can affirm that the STR12 is a fast and competitive car. One weak point is the reliability, as weve had too many issues over these two weeks. On the positive side, I can say that this situation has improved compared to last weeks T01, but there has still been a few problems that have taken track time away from us this week. The good news is that we know what the issues are nothing major so Im confident we can solve them all before getting to Australia thanks to all the valuable data weve collected here. Regarding our drivers, I have to say that both Carlos and Daniil have done a fantastic job every time theyve jumped in the car and provided very useful feedback. Our engineers will now analyse all the data gathered to optimise the set-up for Melbourne. Im really looking forward to the season ahead, I think were going to have a very interesting fight with the midfield teams and I just cant wait to get started!
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