07 April


07 APRIL 2017

First Practice Session: 1:50.491, Position: 1, Laps: 4
Second Practice Session: Did not start due to bad weather grounding the medical helicopter

ďThe weather played a big part today meaning I managed just two timed laps, I did however top the time sheets so that is a nice positive. We havenít been able to test anything on the car since Australia, and itís unfortunate that due to the delays today we just didnít get the running time we had hoped for, it also meant we donít have a lot of track data to review. I understand the reasons behind not running, the weather simply meant the helicopter couldnít fly and that is integral to our safety in the case of an accident. The balance of the car seemed quite good in the wet but Ferrari and Mercedes werenít really running so we donít have a competitive comparison. I think the forecast is looking better tomorrow so at least we will get some dry laps to try a few new things heading into Qualifying, for now the most important thing is laps, the more the better. For the fans it could be good tomorrow as everyone will be making up for lost time, so a lot of track action.Ē

First Practice Session: 1:54.038, Position: 8, Laps: 7
Second Practice Session: Did not start due to bad weather grounding the medical helicopter

ďItís pretty frustrating that FP2 is over and we didnít get to drive but at least we managed a handful of laps this morning. Itís a shame for us drivers but also a shame for the fans who have turned up today to support us. At the same time I understand what happened and I do support the decision as safety comes first. The track conditions were fine but if someone was to have an accident and the helicopter couldnít airlift them to hospital then it could be a major issue. The weather forecast looks a little better for tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to drive and get some practice in ahead of the race on Sunday. If it does rain on Sunday then the exciting part is that none of us have really done any wet driving yet which will create a more open playing field and potentially a very interesting race. Iím definitely ready to stop talking and start driving.Ē
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