25 May


25 MAY 2017

First Practice Session: 1:13.854, Position: 5, Laps: 45
Second Practice Session: 1:13.207, Position: 2, Laps: 35
ďRegardless of how the car feels it is always so much fun to drive this track. We are looking pretty good at the moment. We put some good laps together and know where we need to improve so Iím very happy with our position after the first day. We have good downforce here, the rear of the car feels like it is working the best it has so far this year. If we can get the tires warmed up I think we can be pretty close on Saturday. Iím pleased with the cars rhythm and set-up which gives me confidence and makes me feel we are back in that groove after the first couple of practice sessions. I donít think we need to do too much to the car set-up wise at the moment, just a couple of small tweaks overnight perhaps. Being the first time round here with the new cars it definitely felt a little bit tighter so that needs to be considered when pushing on quick laps, but as I said, so much fun as always.Ē

First Practice session: 1:13.771, Position: 3, Laps: 32
Second Practice Session: 1:13.406, Position: 6, Laps: 36
ďIt felt quite straightforward today, the balance of the car felt ok and we didnít do too many big changes so we are pleased with our performance. We still need some small improvements which we will hopefully find overnight and be up there at the front tomorrow. The red flag in the second practice messed up my run a bit so I didnít get a good chance on the new tyres and to show a true fast lap potential. I have learnt from the last few years you do not need to be the quickest on Thursday, it takes a lot of concentration here as one small mistake means you are in the wall and the session is over. Qualifying is very important in Monaco as once you get in traffic during a race it is so hard to overtake and progress, itís also very risky trying it. If you can get the tyres in the right window it helps massively, today we didnít quite manage to get there so we will work on that tomorrow and be ready for Qualifying.Ē

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