27 May


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27 MAY 2017 <br />
MAX VERSTAPPEN, Position: 4th, 1:12.496 (Practice 3 – P4 1:12.940)
“I think in Q3 my fast lap was optimal. I was struggling a little bit with front grip so I couldn’t get the tyres to work how I wanted but in the end we were not too far off. It is always nice to be closer but I think the lap I did was pretty much on the limit. The Ferraris have looked good all weekend and Bottas managed to sneak in between us which was a bit of a shame. With a clean start and a good strategy we can be in the mix. Monaco is unique and it is hard to predict how the race will play out, there could be a safety car or stoppage at any time so we have to wait see. I will keep an eye on how the tyres behave and pit when we think it is the right opportunity. That is something you have to feel during the race. Being close to the top three means a podium is within reach, but tomorrow I am going to concentrate on my race and try to finish, I want to break the ‘curse’ I have around here!”

DANIEL RICCIARDO, Position: 5th, 1:12.998 (Practice 3 – P6 1:13.392)
“It was a frustrating one for me today, as I think we could have done better. In Q3 we did one lap and we needed to push hard on the out lap to really get the tyres ready and warm, the ultrasofts are not that soft here and need to be worked hard. We came out and had cars in front of us and it seemed like I had a gap behind me, I don’t know why we didn’t wait for that gap so that I could push in the out lap. So I started the lap with the tyres not where I wanted them and obviously around here that’s a big thing, as is getting it right in Qualifying. However, we will see what happens tomorrow.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “It was certainly an exciting Qualifying. To end up fourth and fifth only three tenths off pole position here in Monaco demonstrates more progress for us. Max has looked competitive all weekend so far and put in everything he could today. With Daniel we opted to do a one lap run with him at the end. Perhaps a build push would have been better, but it was very, very marginal to which was the preferred strategy, but hopefully we are in a position to capitalise on those grid positions in tomorrow’s grand prix.”
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