09 June


09 JUNE 2017
First Practice session: 1:14.861, Position: 7, Laps: 19
Second Practice Session: 1:13.388, Position: 5, Laps: 25
It wasnt the cleanest of days but in terms of performance I think we were OK. Before the stoppage in P2 it was a positive session, we felt like we had good pace and werent far off the top four. This is nice to see at this track as it usually is not one of our favourites, we can be pleased with that I guess. The short runs were good and the updates seem to have given us something a little extra, with such long straights here it is always going to be difficult for us. We are not yet fast enough to beat the top two teams so we do our best to finish fifth and optimise what we have. We still need to investigate what the issue with the car was but Im sure the boys will have it ready to go again tomorrow.

First Practice Session: 1:15.441 Position: 9, Laps: 23
Second Practice Session: 1:15.072, Position: 15, Laps: 8
A bit of an uneventful day to be honest as I didnt get a whole lot of running. We had a bit going on this morning and then had an engine issue this afternoon. The positive is that Maxs pace on the ultra softs looked pretty good, so hopefully well learn a bit more from their set up tonight and then push on for tomorrow. I doubt we got a lot of long run data today but at least Max did some good short runs. For me, well take a little bit from today but we obviously didnt get too many uninterrupted flying laps. But thats okay, because Ive driven this track before so Ill just get into it tomorrow morning.
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