07 July


Daniil Kvyat (STR12-04, Car 26)
First Practice Session
Best lap: 1:07.437, pos. 8th, 31 laps
Second Practice Session
Best lap: 1:06.906, pos. 13th, 34 laps
We had a productive Friday. Even if we had some small issues here and there throughout the day, they were not big enough to say that it affected our day too much. We now just need to keep working as we are and avoid any more issues we have some room for improvement and we will try to fulfill this overnight in order to come back stronger tomorrow.

Carlos Sainz (STR12-02, Car 55)
First Practice Session
Best lap: 1:07.633, pos. 13th, 32 laps
Second Practice Session
Best lap: 1:07.100, pos. 15th, 24 laps
Its been a tricky Friday here in Austria Id say not only for us, but also for many other drivers out there. We need to learn from today. We know we are lacking a bit of pace but not as much as the timing sheets show so Im confident that for tomorrow we can get a bit closer to the top ten. We will make a few changes overnight and keep improving!

James Key (Technical Director)
A bit of a mixed day for us. We had some new parts on the car some mechanical development which has seemed to work as expected, so were quite happy with that. This morning, the balance of the car was, in general, where we expected it to be. We didnt have a particularly clean session with either driver, but we were quite happy with where we were. Daniil was very comfortable with his car, while Carlos had a bit of balance inconsistency that we needed to sort out for him. We worked on that for FP2. The start of the afternoon session seemed to be working reasonably well so, from a balance and set-up progress point of view, its been okay. Unfortunately, as we got into the long-runs, we suffered some problems on both cars: Daniil had a braking issue of some sort at the rear, which has caused the rear brakes to get hot we are currently investigating exactly what this is, but its not something weve seen before, so we have to understand exactly what happened there and address it for tomorrow. For Carlos, he was unfortunately one of a number of drivers who went beyond the limits of the track today. Just as he was returning to the track, he caught the floor on quite an aggressive kerb and this unfortunately damaged the floor and the front area around the chassis. This meant it was sadly game over for him. We therefore didnt get the race data that we wanted; in terms of tyres we got some information, but not everything. Its a situation weve been in before, so I think we can make up for that. In terms of performance, theres definitely some work to do. Its all very close and we didnt get a clean run with either driver with the ultrasoft tyre at the beginning of the session, so we know theres a little bit more to come from that. Nevertheless, theres still some work to do and we will work on that tonight, targeting a bit more of a consistent day tomorrow.
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