29 September



First Practice Session: 1:49.719 Position: 2, Laps: 12
Second Practice Session: 1:32.099, Position: 3, Laps: 19
It was interesting in these conditions but it was actually nice to get these runs in the wet and dry today. We were both looking pretty good in the wetter conditions and on the intermediates we were at the pace and significantly quicker than everyone else, which well take. This afternoon we werent that competitive looking at Ferrari, but it looked like Mercedes struggled as well. If we can focus on ourselves we can still improve; on the short runs we needed to improve the front grip and on the long runs we needed to improve the rear, so we have just got to find a better compromise with the set-up. Just looking after that I think will be the key on Sunday. I think if we can find half a second somewhere then well be in the fight, we have still got a bit of work to do but we were OK. If we get some light drizzle across the weekend then well be looking pretty good; I wont complain if Qualifying and the race is wet!

First Practice session: 1:48.962, Position: 1, Laps: 11
Second Practice Session: 1:32.109, Position: 4, Laps: 11
I think today was positive. Of course, compared to Ferrari it can be better but its not a bad performance and we still end the day ahead of Mercedes. From my side, I was trying quite a few set-up changes on the car but those didnt really work on the new set of Supersoft tyres. I came in and changed the car but you always know that on used tyres its not fantastic to do a lap, but I still improved my time by four tenths. For sure tomorrow it will be better but we still need to improve to beat Ferrari. I missed out on doing a long run this afternoon because of the red flag, so I will see with Daniel how he is feeling and then we will decide what we can do tomorrow to improve the car. Tomorrow Im hoping for rain, not too much that we arent driving, but a little bit would make things interesting.
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