11 April

World Motor Sport Council - Friday 11 April, Marrakech

The following decisions were taken:
FRI 11.04.14, 8:08PM

FIA President Jean Todt gave an update on the Formula One Championship.

1. F1 Cost Reduction
The FIA, the Commercial Rights Holder (CRH), and all the F1 Teams have recently confirmed their commitment to work on cost reduction. Accordingly, the FIA President Jean Todt and the CRH Bernie Ecclestone will organise a meeting with all the F1 Teams on 1 May 2014, followed by a F1 Strategy Group meeting, to clarify the means to achieve a substantial F1 Team cost reduction.

2. Power units
As already announced, a study on engine noise is under way with preliminary results expected shortly.

3. New team selection process
Lastly, the FIA has launched a selection procedure for an additional F1 team(s), and applications of a high standard have been received. In close consultation with the CRH, the FIA has accepted the candidature of Haas Formula LLC and are in the process of conducting further investigations for Forza Rossa.
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