06 June

Pastor Remains Positive

We're Not Far Away...
After a moderately frustrating day, Pastor remains positive
P16 and P15 never make for good reading for any racing driver come bedtime, but despite the scores on the doors Pastor remains positive at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

“We had a couple of small issues today but we still got a good number of laps completed so we know where we can improve,” he said as late afternoon sun shone down.

“It’s a short lap here so the lap times are very close; I was just two tenths off Romain in the afternoon but that meant 15th rather than eleventh on the monitors.

“I was expecting a bigger gap on pace here but actually we’re not that far away from the front runners. We need to put everything together and we could go reasonably well tomorrow. We know we’re not where we want to be on straight line pace, and it’s going to be difficult to be in the top ten tomorrow.

“In terms of balance is not bad. Yes, we struggle to get as much temperature as we want in the tyres which is giving us so extra issues with balance because of this. We have a few different things to improve this and the weather’s due to be hotter too. If we get the tyres where we want them to be, we’ll be more competitive than we were today.”

Despite a good accumulation of laps over the two 90 minute sessions, it wasn’t a case of plain sailing for Pastor.

“We had an issue where the DRS was not working properly and we had to change the wing which meant missing some track time in the afternoon. It was a little frustrating, but certainly not the end of the world.”

And Sunday’s outlook?

“It can be a long race here so we need to avoid taking any big risks. If we’re in or near the top ten in qualifying there’s always potential for a good points finish as anything can happen in the race.”

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