20 June


20 June 2014
First Practice Session: Position: 15, Best Time: 1:12.988, Laps: 25
Second Practice Session: Position: 6, Best Time: 1:10.807, Laps: 39
"I think this morning we struggled a little bit, this afternoon it was better. Weve seen that people struggled a bit to get the primes, the harder tyre, to work but it should be a different story tomorrow when its a bit hotter. I think everyone is looking forward to a great weekend, were not the favourites going into this weekend, wed love to be but were not quite there yet. Today was very productive, we seemed to make progress throughout the day, but if anything, the fact that this is our home Grand Prix is an extra motivation.

First Practice Session: Position: 13, Best Time: 1:12.570, Laps: 28
Second Practice Session: Position: 8, Best Time: 1:10.920, Laps: 36
We learnt actually a hell of a lot today. We came in the morning with a few ideas and some worked, some didnt, as always on a Friday, its never really a perfect Friday. But yeah, coming into P2 we tried a few more things and I feel we improved a lot from P1. Weve still got a bit more I think in our pockets, but yeah, we gathered up enough information tonight to make progress for tomorrow. I dont think were as quick as the Mercs, we didnt really expect to be, but hopefully we can be the next best again.
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