09 July


Silverstone, UK - 9th July 2014
Driver: JuliŠn Leal
Chassis: CT05-#01
Total laps: 51
Best time: 1.42.635

JuliŠn Leal: ďFirstly I would like to thank everyone at Caterham F1 Team and all our partners for helping make today happen. Stepping up to F1 has always been my goal and today it came true for the first time, thanks to the hard work of a lot of people, so thank you to all of them. We completed 51 laps which is just over the 300kms required to be eligible for a superlicence, so Iím very pleased we achieved the main goal today!

ďI went out for the installation lap just after 0900 but when I was back in the pitlane the car stalled. We got it back to the garage and after inspecting it the team found out that the CU-H, the control unit for the MGU-H on the Power Unit, had failed. That had caused a number of other issues which meant the team had a big task ahead of them to ensure we could run again today, but they worked incredibly hard and just before 1500 they had the car fired up and we were back out for a second installation lap.

ďThis time everything was fine so we went straight back out for a first long run on a set of mediums. The car felt good Ė with the time delay we didnít have a chance to really work on setup options, but for my first experience of F1 it was ok. I was quite quickly comfortable with the balance of the car, and the way the power came in, but the braking is different to anything Iím used to - that would take more laptime to really start to master, but overall I was feeling better with every lap.

ďMy last run of the day was due to be on the softs and itís a shame I didnít have a chance to go out on them due to the red flag as my final laptime would have been much lower. All day I was on relatively high fuel and if weíd had a chance to do a performance run on the softs Iíd have ended up with a quicker time, but overall Iím still pleased with how it went.

ďAt the end of the session Iíd completed 51 laps which, considering where we were mid-morning, I was quite happy with, especially as that takes us over the 300kms required to be eligible for a superlicence. Obviously today wasnít about times, it was about mileage, learning how to work with the team and start to understand how to maximise the performance of a 2014 F1 car, and I feel like Iíve made a good step with all of those. Now I want more and I canít wait to have another chance to drive.Ē

Rio Haryanto: Due to the CU-H issue in the morning the team was unable to run Rio Haryanto today. The Indonesian driver had been due to drive in the afternoon session but with the time lost repairing the car he was unable to do so.

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