05 September

Pic's Parabolica Potential

Charles Pic took to the track this morning in Monza

Charles Pic was on duty this morning in Monza behind the wheel of the E22. It was the first time that he was back in the car since he debuted Pirelliís concept 18 inch tyres at Silverstone back in July. He also took part in a test session earlier this year in Barcelona where he sampled the 2014 car for the first time.

Charles, how was FP1 for you this morning?

It was a very good feeling to be back in the E22 this morning. For the team it will be a challenging weekend here in Monza as the track doesnít seem to suit the cars very well. Our goal this morning was to work towards optimising the car and getting it ready for the weekend. It was very good to have more mileage with the 2014 car today.

Is Monza a track that you like?

Absolutely. It is a very nice track, very fast and with the low downforce settings the car is moving around a lot and so it is quite easy to make mistakes. We could see that the drivers were fighting a lot with the cars today. Itís a fun track to driver and it is nice to watch for the fans too.

What were your main goals for the session?

The programme this morning was mainly concentrated around aerodynamic work and it was valuable Ė one direction worked out better than the other so we had useful findings on some specific points. We will now continue to work and prepare for Saturdayís sessions.

How did the 2014 spec-car feel here in Monza?

It was very different from last yearís cars especially on the power unit side of things and on the tyres Ė they are a bit stiffer than in 2013 and didnít react the same way they had done in the past.

Did Parabolica look or feel different with the new run off area?

I didnít use the new run off area this morning! I think that was has been done is good; it means that you donít risk damaging the car if you brake a bit late in that section.

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