28 January

New press kit available for download

2015 is the second year of competitive use for the revolutionary power units that feature a V6 turbocharged internal combustion engine coupled to potent energy recovery systems. Despite a year’s experience of the technology, the sophisticated units still remain a huge challenge for engine manufacturers.

Renault Sport F1 enters the season with two objectives: to deliver competitive power units that run reliably and improves on its 2014 performance.

After a tough season last year, the French manufacturer has taken a back to basics approach to achieving these aims, with a structural reorganization of its Viry-Châtillon headquarters the cornerstone.

Equally it has made fundamental changes to the Renault Energy F1 power unit to gain performance and reliability. Every system and subsystem has been upgraded, with items that will give the most performance prioritized.

Renault Sport F1 has produced a brand new press kit in advance of the first test of the year detailing the changes to the power unit and its operations, plus a guide to the 2015 season.

To download the press kit click here
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