02 February


Track: Jerez Circuit 4.428 km
Driver: Sebastian Vettel
Car: Ferrari SF15-T Chassis 309
Weather: Air temperature 4/12 C, track temperature 5/13. Overcast in the morning then rain in the afternoon.
Laps/Km completed: 89/394
Fastest time: 120984 (Pirelli Medium tyres)
Tyres: Medium and Intermediate
Programme: Tyre testing and set-up work

Sebastian Vettel: Its too soon to give a verdict on the true level of this car, especially as we cant make a comparison with the other teams, who can be running different programmes. However, Id say we have a good basis to work from. We did a lot of running, even in the rain, when we tried the new intermediate tyres, which worked well, getting up to temperature despite the cold: thats a definite step forward. The applause in the garage at the end of the session? Well, everyone was happy wed even managed to run in the wet with nothing bad happening. The boys have got enough to do in the garage as it is.

James Allison: A bit like yesterday, in that even if we did a good number of laps, you can never claim to have done enough kilometres. However, I agree with Sebastian on the fact that, for the moment, we have a good basis.

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