20 February

Testing at the Montmelò circuit

Circuit: Montmelò circuit – 4.655 km
Driver: Kimi Raikkonen
Car: Ferrari SF15-T

Weather: Air temperature 7/15 °C, track temperature 9/16. Sunny
Laps/Km completed: 58/270
Fastest time: 1:25.167
Tyres used: Hard, Medium, Proto Medium
Programme: System checks, long runs, set-up work and tyre testing.

Kimi Raikkonen: “It’s not that different from Jerez, we don’t know about the fuel other cars
had, and some of them were on soft tyres. We keep doing our stuff, have made our plan and try
to follow it. The car is a completely different story from last year’s, we’ve still got a long way
ahead of us but the team is working well and has produced a very nice car”.

James Allison: “Overall we are content with the day, happy because the work we’ve been doing
in learning how the car responds to set-up changes was very satisfactory, less happy with the
laps count for the day. I hope that in the remaining days we get some more mileage under our

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