17 April


17 April 2015
First Practice Session: Position: 5, Best Time: 1:38.455, Laps: 17
Second Practice Session: Position: 6, Best Time: 1:35.449, Laps: 27
I had an alright session, I think were looking pretty good. Were more or less where we expect to be. Were a little bit more competitive in cooler conditions so the night session should be good. The tyre degradation is quite high here, it will probably be a two stop race, but well see. Its going to be windy tomorrow so we might have some sand on the track.

First Practice Session: Position: 9, Best Time: 1:38.661, Laps: 17
Second Practice Session: Position: 9, Best Time: 1:35.883, Laps: 23
It was a normal long run for me and we managed to get some good laps in. Tyre degradation was as expected but we were disrupted by the red flag. There is some wind expected for tomorrow and well see how that affects the car behaviour. It was a good Friday for us overall.


Weve nearly there, at the end of the first four long-haul races. However, for most theres still one remaining medium-stint flight to do before were home again. Time then to put together one more list of five famous flyers. This time, Team Manager Jonathan Wheatley assembles a party that likes to party.

1 My Dad, Michael I would like to bring him along because I think hed find some of the other people on the list as fascinating as I would. He hasnt been to a grand prix anywhere other than Silverstone for a very long time, so it would be nice to take him to flyaway race. When we were kids we did a lot of European races but I cant remember the last time he went abroad to a race.
2 James Hunt He was my hero when I was a kid. I thought he was extraordinary, the last of the true playboy racers and he certainly captured my imagination. He might not have been the best role model maybe but he was a fascinating character. I did meet him, when he was a commentator, and before I came into F1 Id rebuilt a couple of his old McLaren F1 cars, so Id talk to him quite a lot. Amazing guy, incredibly charismatic.
3 Scarlett Johansson We need to keep James occupied and hes going to get bored talking to us after a while, so I reckon Scarlett Johansson would be perfect. Shed keep him interested and I reckon would be a pretty stunning addition to any plane journey. Shed probably also guarantee that youre in the right cabin as well.
4 Keith Floyd If this is a long flight I want it to be fun and he was brilliant. I just happened to see a couple of his early cooking shows and he was so funny and engaging, with so many one liners. I love cooking. I spent a lot of time in Italy when I was kid, racing karts, and I have a real passion for Italy the food, the people, the clothes and the cars. Any programme I could watch on Italian cooking I found fascinating and suddenly here was this character making programmes like that, plus he was funny, charming and a bit of a cad.
5 Tommy Cooper For those who dont know, he was a legendary British comedian and for me, quite simply the funniest man who ever lived. I saw him on stage when I was a kid and all there was on stage was a white picket fence, a very English setting and he just came on stage, laughed, walked through the gate and went back again. The whole place fell about laughing. His timing was incredible.

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